Friday, 29 April 2011

nigella lawson

i think nigella lawson is one of the most attractive and sexy females alive,
she is beautifully curvy and is a true role model for girls,
and the fact that she can cook amazingly just tops it off nicely


watching shows

it is rather funny

the big wedding day

it's today, so hopefully there wont be a million wedding specials on the tv...

my neck, my back

i think i will not continue with the rest of the song,
but rather, i will tell you that my whole body aches!
it hurts all over!
my back hurts,
my neck hurts,
my hips hurt,
my knees hurt,
my ankles hurt,
my heels hurt,
my head hurts,
my arms hurt,
my wrists hurt,


Thursday, 28 April 2011


i love eddie rice camps,
i really cannot express it any better than that,
two days in a row of hanging out with kids and coming back to my bed at night has got to be the bestest way to do it,
that way i at least get some sleep!
but the whole high ropes part of it was a bit freaky,
lucky i make a fancy photographer!
but i may do it tomorrow also,
i am meant to be working,
but i have been begged to come along,
so if they want me that badly i may just oblige them!

not entirely sure if you spell oblige that way,
but i don't think i have ever written it before,
so this can be forgiven right?

luvs ya!


Friday, 22 April 2011

more tattoo designs

good friday

i hope everyone is having a reverent good friday,
anyone accidentally eaten meat yet?
or is anyone going all out and fasting for the day?
i have baked and iced cupcakes,
i would show you a picture,
but i took the pics on my phone and this computer doesn't allow bluetooth stuff

Thursday, 21 April 2011


the new ep. of glee just came out in america,
and i am watching it!
so good!

Monday, 18 April 2011


tonight is my graduation!

from my cert III in retail,
big whoop,
not really sure what i am meant to wear,
or do?
but oh well,
i guess i'll figure it out as i go along!


again with the tattoos

Thursday, 14 April 2011


my current fav.


some more from,
in case you hadn't already become addicted!


for fancy burgers...
i might buy a flipside for luncheon

my lovely new jumper

i bought a notre dame jumper on monday,
and i think i have worn it every day since then :)
not all day,
but just for bits.
but it is lovely and warm!
it's lovely like TOTALLY!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

harry potter quizzes

everyone should try this quiz!
and then tell me what score they get!
 so here is the quiz

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

exam freedom

so, i sat my exam yesterday!
t'was rather painful,
but now that it is over it means i have finished two of my units for the semester!
woot woot!
so now i only have thursdays at uni,
which will be a nice change!
i should really find some more hours at work so that i can make lots of money and buy myself a new compooper,
but i am slack and lazy,
so i will wait for the start up scholarship from centrelink next semester...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

the end of an era

some harry potter pics


i have supafest tomorrow,
woot woot,
on a negative note however,
that means a day of not studying and not resting before i have an exam on monday morning...


so, i had a massively stressful day yesterday,
which resulted in me feeling ill all day,
and i still feel that way,
and i am choosing to believe that this ill feeling is still from all of my stressing and not because of my excessive alcohol consumption last night...
it is NOT from the alcohol.

i only just managed to get all of the work done,
stupid assignments,
and today is meant to be devoted to study and the completion of one last assignment,
but cos i feel all gross,
i have yet to do either...
and then there is work this evening :S
yuck yuck yuck!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

tv online

i will provide to you my secret for watching tv shows online...

it is amazing!!!


i want a harry potter lightening bolt tattoo on the inside on one of my fingers!

i have not yet decided on whether or not to actually get it...

but i wants!


we willl be doing these evaluations now, because i'm not sure when the quality office closes...

what i heard= we will be doing these evaluations now, because i'm not sure how the quality of this will decrease???

my brain needs sleep!

Monday, 4 April 2011


are kicking my arse!

i must complete them!
but i have gone and made many coffee dates for this week!
silly sophie!

i should continue with the assignments!


i feel like i may be becoming the poster girl for not drinking,
it has been so so so long since i got drunk!
i feel i need to get drunk soon to remember what it is like!
i have an unlimited alcohol event this friday,
but i have exams the following week,
so need to study on saturday :S
i WILL get drunkenly soon though

Sunday, 3 April 2011

happy sunday

i am awake past midnight on a sunday,
woot woot,
haha i have work in less than seven hours!
this is bad!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


oh my god!

it's hot

i am overheating and overthinking and freaking out!

maybe i should do something useful with my awakedness,
like do uni work?
study for my impending exam?
but i can't think,
my head is just full!

i rant

i think i want to rant,
i also want to sleep, but i also want to stay up all night!

i am catching up on my grey's anatomy!
it is fun!
but i have work at 7 am!
so i should really sleep!
but i am mulling over thoughts in my head...
so not tired :(

apparently i am being set up on date :S
a blind date,
with some one i actually haven't met before.
and it is kinda freaking me out :S


and this is my over-thinking everything!
stupid brain!
i wish it would stop thinking for a little bit!

i want another puppy!!!

beagle x pug

pug x cavalier

the bottom pup is the same cross as henry,
but is much chubbier and t's ears are further forward than henny's were as a pup,

but the be so cute!


i am going through a slight phase where i want another tattoo,
however, as a teacher i am not allowed them :(

so, whatever i decide upon must be unnoticable,
and, unfortunately that one isn't :(

but i loves it,
si i might get it henna'd instead :)

gnomeo, gnomeo, where for art thou gnomeo

or however you actually spell that?

i went on a picnic last night with some new friends to go see gnomeo and juliet at the outdoor cinema at burswood,
it was rather lovely and a fine way to show off my new hair!

ring ring?

i seriously love this ring,
i have been eyeing it off for a little while now,
i just need to pluck up the courage and buy it :)