Sunday, 27 February 2011

i made some cupcakes

the birthday

it's tomorrow,
one day left until i'm 21...
i have a few people coming tonight for some fun,
nothing big.
i'm not one for the big party.
it gets too loud and uncomfortable.
but i have been cooking all of today.
so far i've made 60 cupcakes.
the first 20 were complete duds,
not sure why,
but the next 2 batches worked well :)
then i made (with the help of mumsy) spinach and feta triangles.
just got to cut up veggies now.
and then ice the cupcakes.
and make myself pretty.
which may take forever...
but i have only allotted an hour for showering, hair and make-up
i'm not a big make-up person...
so this could be interesting.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

not hungry

for some reason i have not been hungry yesterday and today...
which has resulted in me not eating much...
i think i ate a grand total of a mcflurry yesterday,
which is not very healthy, but still.
and today i have eaten one slice of bread,
for a giant fatty like me, this is very strange.
maybe i am just freaking out about tomorrow.

i am so bored

random pics


my internet is finally working on my laptop again,
but it is unlikely to last long.
how about we take bets on how long it lasts...
my bet is less than a day!

more pics from nz

Friday, 25 February 2011


i have been so busy slaving away in the kitchen today,
and this is only the begining.
i made sausage rolls today,
and finished up all of the shopping,
i'm really only nervous about my cupcakes,
they have to be amazing,
and lately i've had a few batches turn out duds...
but i have set aside all of sunday morning to cupcake baking,
so there is plenty of time to try another few batches!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

poor new zealand

so many people trapped and dead :(
it's things like this that make me so very very sad :(

new zealand was such a beautiful and calm place,
to have christchurch destroyed by such forceful shudders is so frightening and depressing :(
i feel so useless and insignificant, sitting here in perth, unable to help!
hearing about this death distruction happening so close to our shores!

not yet :S

apparently we will be presenting at the end of the workshop,
so i get to wait until 6:30pm before i get to forget about this silly assignment!

until then, i will post this amazingly silly clip that we found while searching for something much more g-rated


i have finally finished the assignment, now to just present it :D
it should all be over by 5 pm!
woot woot :D

so much work!

i am the queen of procrastination!
it is really bad!
but this assignment must be completed by this arvo,
and i WILL have it done!
or else i am royally screwed.
anyway, cheerio

Monday, 21 February 2011


ok, so this assignment is killing me!
there is so much work involved!
and i'm only doing half of it!
seriously, so much work

but, i can cheer myself up by remembering that when it is finished it will be the most amazing game ever!
for kids that is!

and i have to pass, well, with all the effort i have put in i will really be hoping for a HD...
so i am likely to get very disappointed!
oh well,
nothing like setting your hopes really high ands then to have them come crumbling down and making you feel really lowsy!

one week!

i have exactly one week until my birthday!
the big old scary 21st!
i have many plans,
but i am slightly scared that no-one will turn up :S
i will update you shortly


mummy made chocolate brownies,
they are very tasty :D
om nom nom!
but bad for my flubbiness

Sunday, 20 February 2011

something quick before i depart

you HAVE to watch all of the other parts as well,
and then watch the sequal!
p.s. harry is the guy from glee, the gay love interest!

my classroom rules

i have spent the better part of the day hanging with my friend katelyn creating what will soon be the best learning tool for early childhood classrooms EVER!
we have an assignment due on tuesday for uni and we are creating an interactive boardgame for it!
and guess what!
it's called my classroom rules!
super classic pun on the silly tv show my kitchen rules...
i have only watched like 10 mins of the show, so i really shouldn't judge it...

anyway, there is a little kids party happening next door at the moment and distracting me!
(along with blogs) but i am also wondering if i could take the board game over there and test it out :P
unfortunately i do not actually know our neighbours.
they moved in on australia day and they don't seem to leave the house or make any noise (except for right now).
it's like they aren't there...

but i should really stop complaining and get back to one of the most amazing assignment ever!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

like it's quidditch

it is a truly amazing parody!
if you just kinda ignore the chick at the front trying to look hot

some pics from when i travelled to new zealand

cheesy nuggets

they are so full of processed junk,
but for some reason they are so so so yummy.
i feel so sick and gross after eating too many ick.
and they are really not helping with my weight loss,
tomorrow i will start my diet,
always tomorrow,
never right now.

best song

i found this clip while in search of a song to include in my half hour presentation on bugs...

more pics

i think i might have too much time on my hands!

uni work

so that i complete at least one part of my resolution list for this year, i find myself trying ridonculously hard for uni, which is sure to make my life hell later on in the semester. however, i have my first assignment due on tuesday of next week, and i have already completed my first part of a learning journal which also counts for 20% of my grade for that unit. i do, thankfully, find myself enjoying this unit, which will hopefully mean that absorbing info comes easier and studying won't be such a chore :S

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

time to squeal with delight


apparently the time it tells you that i posted is WAY off,
i'm pretty sure it's currently 10:05 pm,
so until i figure out if i can fix it, i guess i'll just type the time in myself if it's important


the first time

so, i've decided to start a blog. whether or not anyone reads it really doesn't bother me. i just want to get stuff out there.
the whole idea for a blog came about in my uni course, where i have to start a blog of my opinions on the readings we do in class, but don't worry, i won't bore you with that.
i'd like to start with a list of the new years resolutions i hastily made just before midnight at the end of last year.
1. get a credit or above in all of my uni units,
2. lose 20 kilos,
3. get back into swimming,
4. save $5000

now that they are out there i have to achieve them, so pressure's on!
i'll let you know how i go with them