Tuesday, 25 October 2011

just a pretty picture

i  baked these beauties for my birthday this year!

the magic number 20

ok, so i am not there yet,
but this morning when i weighed myself i had lost 19 and a half kilos since the end of july :D
i am so super excited about that!
it is actually crazy exciting!
i am now tired from mega assignmenting,
i just managed to pull out a 3000 word assignment from nothing in an evening!
which is mighty impressive i must say.
hopefully i do well!

Friday, 21 October 2011

super fun times

ok, so it is currently 11:46, and i am home alone,
on a friday night,
but i guess i can deal with that,
i have felt nice and old this past week.
and i do mean NICE and old,
not the bad kind of old feeling!
i have been feeling really mature and organised :)
which is a good thing most definitely!
but the bad thing about being home alone on a friday night,
well it really has nothing to do with my alone-ness, or the fridayness either,
but i am not yet even slightly tired,
and i have much working to get dome tomorrow,
and a 3 course meal to shop for and cook!
so i should really sleep nowish,
body please let me tire!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

an update

so, i have been badly absent recently,
but hopefully that will change soon?
an update of my life?
the assignment i thought i did so poorly on?
i ended up getting a distinction for!
so i was super chuffed :D
i also managed a HD for my assignment on early childhood depression,
so it has been a good time for assignment results!
hopefully the assignments that i am doing this weekend will turn out just as snazzy!
in non-uni related news,
i have been procrasti-baking...
which i guess is uni related?
cos i was avoiding assignment work...
but choc cupcakes are always worth it...

my weight loss has slowed at 15 kilos lost...
but none gained, so i am happy,
i will have another crack at hard core diet and exercise in a bit and get down even further!
i have had some nice coffee catch ups lately,
but unfortunately not today,
i went into uni early to do some assignment work before a coffee 'date' at 10:30,
but that ended up being cancelled,
and then my lunch catch up was also cancelled,
but it's all good,
plans were made for a re-scheduling :D
dinner time :D