Thursday, 31 March 2011

shout out

so this is a shout out to the one person i know reads my blog!

miss katie bownes!


seriously awful!

she honestly has the most cringe-worthy voice,
and she is not attractive!!!
i do not understand why she thinks that she is the shit!

lactose free yogurt

it does ok


pretty sure i have used almost an entire rainforest worth of paper today doing printing for my theology and philosophy units!!!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

this one goes with the buzz lightyear cup

assignments are fun

this is what i did at uni today

quite a bit of fun

red vines

what can't they do

what's your favourite way to say red wines in a german accent?


i think i am in love

with darren criss


a very potter musical
now i just have to hope he isn't gay!!!

one test done

just finished my ict test,
14 out of 20,
woop woop,
so that is pretty good in my opinion,
for this unit so far i have received a distinction, a pass, and now this score,
not sure exactly how numbers convert into the letters...
but anyways,
i am happys.
cos that means i have a running score of
10+14+14=38 out of a possible 60,
which is a pass,
so a little yay,
as long as i pass the next assignment i am all good for this unit!
super psyched!  ish

boredom kicks in

i should really be studying for 3 tests this week,
but i just can't focus,

i should really be completing one of the two assignments that i have due this week,
but facebook and this blog are so much more interesting!

long time

sorry i have been so quiet,
the internet at home is silly and wont work for me!
which makes uni work impossible,
silly silly internets.
hopefully i will be back online soon!

ubtil then feel free to do a pretty little colour in

Sunday, 20 March 2011

oh dear

these are so addictive!!!
i must keep reading and posting them!!!


mum and dad

my mummy and daddy return soon :)
i get to pick them up from the airport sometime after midnight on wednesday morning!
i'm pretty excited for their return!

no more crappy meals and sickness

good bye alycia

one of my close friends whom i have been friends with since 1999ish is leaving for a year to england tomorrow :(
it is a very sad moment!
although i am very excited for her,
i will miss her greatly.
i tend to be a fairly reclusive person,
and she always drags me places,
which i am very grateful of,
so it is likely that i will do nothing social for the next year...
which could be nice and quiet,
but also very lonely

i will miss you alycia

Friday, 18 March 2011


i am in so much pain it is crazy!
i have sharp stabby pains in my left side,
which my doctor told me were only muscle pains,
but they can't be,
they hurt so so so much,
i didn't get any sleep last night :(

Thursday, 17 March 2011


What have I done 
Wish I could run 
Away from this ship going under 
Just trying to help 
Hurt everyone else 
Now I feel the weight of the world 
Is on my shoulders 

What can you do 
When ur good isn't good enough 
And all that you touch tumbles down 
Cos my best intentions 
Keep making a mess of things 
I just wanna fix it somehow 
But how many times will it take 
Oh how many times will it take 
For me to get it right 
To get it right 

Can I start again 
With my faith shaken 
Cos I can't go back and undo this 
I just have to stay and face my mistakes 
But if I get stronger and wiser 
I'll get through this 
What can you do 
When your good isn't good enough 
And all that you touch tumbles down 

Cos my best intentions 
Keep making a mess of things 
I just wanna fix it somehow 
But how many times will it take 
Oh how many times will it take 
For me to get it right 

So I throw up my fist 
Throw a punch in the air and 
Accept the truth that sometimes life isn't fair 
Yea I'll send out a wish 
Yea I'll send up a prayer 
And finally someone will see 
How much I care 

What can you do 
When your good isn't good enough 
And all that you touch tumbles down 
Oh my best intentions 
Keep making a mess of things 
Just wanna fix it somehow 
But how many times will it take 
Oh how many times will it take 
To get it right, to get it right

my new ring

i've been looking for a pretty ring for a while,
and i saw this in the cabinet at the funny little jewellery store in garden city,
i tried it on and it fit on my chubby finger,
so i guess it was fate,
i bought it,
and i've been wearing it everyday since then :D


most amazing new episode!!!

original song

so fricken good!!!

the long awaited kiss,
and the regionals competition!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

i want to go to tasmania

so here is the tour i want to do,
and i am looking for 3 others to join me!

live below the line

i'm going to be living off $2 per day in may,
so if anyone reads this it would be absolutely wonderful if they could donate and sponsor me!
i will be letting you know how i am surviving when the time comes,
with pictures and meal reviews, etc.

pretty please donate!

Monday, 14 March 2011

and this one

i would love to have the time and money to do a contiki and a top deck tour of virtually the same locations,
so that i could compare

this is the top-deck tour that looks the bestest

change of mind

i just found this one!
i want it!

i could start on the 24th of this month,
10 days away,
wouldn't that be wonderful!!!
i wish i wish i wish


i decided to look up contiki tours in europe,
to get a rough estimate of costs for when i plan on travelling over there in a couple of years.
unfortunately looking at all of these fantastic tours has made me want to pack up and leave right now!

this is my dream one

now i just need to start saving!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

some luscious ladies

i'm not sure where i found all of these pics,
but i love them


why is the world breaking?
i find all of these natural disasters so scary!
like truly terrifying!
and extremely depressing,
i feel so out of control,
i wish i could do everything to help them,
but i can do nothing,
i'm useless!

Friday, 11 March 2011

animal cruelty

vietnam zoo

this actually makes me rage!
the poor male elephant was chained to the fence by its foot.
and it had to sway its head and do a dancy this all of the time,
or else it got whipped :(

it makes me so sad that these poor animals can be kept in such atrocious conditions,
it also makes me feel so much better about the animals we keep locked up in zoos in australia


i was missing mum and dad,
so i'm posting some pics of the last time we were in vietnam as a family,
maybe it'll help me feel like i'm there with them?

Thursday, 10 March 2011


for the last week i have been so tired!
i thought it was because i wasn't getting enough sleep,
but then i slept all of monday and i still feel exhausted.
so then i tried doing some exercise,
but that didn't help.
i still feel like i should be sleeping all day,
which is bad when i have uni and such to attend to today :S
and seeing as it's my first tutorial for two of my subjects i can't really skip...

tim tam crush

the other day i discovered tim-tam crush, with honeycomb,
they are possibly the bestest chocolate biscuit ever!!!
om nom nom,
so very very good!
but, there are only 8 in a pack,
so they disappear very quickly when there are two people eating them!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

all about me

i haven't told you a lot about myself,
so here is a bit of a blurt.

  • i love owls, i find them kooky and adorable, i want to have a house full of owl figurines and pictures.
  • i am obsessed with making and decorating cupcakes, i am becoming the queen of piping,
  • i have fantasies about decorating my perfect house,
  • i would love to own a quaint little place on duke street in east freo,
  • i like to display my dangly earrings and bracelets on champagne bottles,
  • i love the concept of scrap-booking, but i am quite hopeless at the actual art,
  • i find women amazingly beautiful and attractive, but i am not a lesbian,
  • i am a hoarder, i can't throw away things, this results in a very messy room,
  • i am amazing at making plans and lists, but i rarely follow through with them,
  • i will argue my point even if i realise half-way through the conversation that i am wrong,
  • i love fish and water, i was born a pisces and i still feel like i am connected to the ocean,
  • sometimes i just wish that i could change everything and start fresh,
  • but, i am ridonculously petrified of change and moving forward,
  • if i don't know how to spell a word, i will make up one to fill its spot - ridonculous,
  • i love bags and purses, so i collect them, but i rarely use any but my main two,
  • i love doing things for other people and not focusing on myself, but sometimes i wish others would focus on me,
that is all for now, i think


mummy and daddy have disappeared for two and a bit weeks to vietnam,
so tessi and i are home alone fending for ourselves :S
it's gonna be hell...
well hopefully not, but it is possible

Monday, 7 March 2011

public holidays

i love this public holiday :D
only because notre dame has decided for the first time to actually honour it for the first time ever :D
so, while all the notre students are hanging out relaxing on a monday, every other uni is suffering through a long and lesson filled day!

white-man park

i went on a family picnic yesterday with my kids group,
it's the second one we've attempted, and it was a pretty nice day,
except that i burnt myself several times whilst trying to cook a bbq...
i think i need more lessons on being aussie, cos the bbqing part seems to have slipped my brain.
anyway, the kids were cute as per usual,
but the call the park white-man park...
which makes me feel very self concsious,
because they are all indigenous.

very self-conscious about the settlement of australia and how poorly we treated the aboriginals :S

Saturday, 5 March 2011


wow, turning 21 is hard.
i have been more social than ever before this week!
so much to do and so little sleep!
i am so glad i only turn 21 once!

i like my sleep, and i have had a scarily small amount this week.
so i am super glad that monday is a public holiday and i can catch up on all of the hours that i have missed  :D

Thursday, 3 March 2011

harry potter

i think i post about food too much,
so i'm gonna bulk out my blog with some other stuff

last night of my 21st

i am off to my final birthday celebration tonight,
dinner at wagamamas and dessert at san churros,
best combo!
and i just wanted to share something with you,
cos it had bugged me before.
i asked someone which desert/dessert was which,
because i always blank on it.
this was the answer they gave:
dessert is the food because you want it more than once.
which is true,
i would cry if someone told me i could only eat dessert once more in my life!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

dinner review

i had an amazing dinner tonight for my 21st birthday with my family.
it was a surprise for me until we got there, at C restaurant in the city.
it had an amazing view and the food i had was amazing!
it was the first time i have ever gone out to dinner with family and had more than one course!
but this time we had 3 courses each!
om nom nom
for entree i had sundried tomato and spinach gnocchi with a cream sauce and it was amazing!

main was a crumbed chicken breast with chorizo and veg, i'm not sure what the sauce was on it, but together it was scrumptious!

dessert, yummmm, i chose a soft raspberry centred chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream, the cake was to-die-for!
so rich and delicious!

dance of the orange haired females

i have a serious love of orange hair on females!
it is just so beautiful and feminine!


i actually think she is one of the prettiest tv personalities around at the moment!

loves her hair!

school immersion

this morning i went on an adventure to booragoon primary school for uni.
we were doing an observational study thingo with one child per pair.
i wont name my child because i'm sure that's against privacy laws,
but she was so unbelievably cute!
i wanted to take her home with me in my pocket!
seriously SO CUTE!