Tuesday, 8 March 2011

all about me

i haven't told you a lot about myself,
so here is a bit of a blurt.

  • i love owls, i find them kooky and adorable, i want to have a house full of owl figurines and pictures.
  • i am obsessed with making and decorating cupcakes, i am becoming the queen of piping,
  • i have fantasies about decorating my perfect house,
  • i would love to own a quaint little place on duke street in east freo,
  • i like to display my dangly earrings and bracelets on champagne bottles,
  • i love the concept of scrap-booking, but i am quite hopeless at the actual art,
  • i find women amazingly beautiful and attractive, but i am not a lesbian,
  • i am a hoarder, i can't throw away things, this results in a very messy room,
  • i am amazing at making plans and lists, but i rarely follow through with them,
  • i will argue my point even if i realise half-way through the conversation that i am wrong,
  • i love fish and water, i was born a pisces and i still feel like i am connected to the ocean,
  • sometimes i just wish that i could change everything and start fresh,
  • but, i am ridonculously petrified of change and moving forward,
  • if i don't know how to spell a word, i will make up one to fill its spot - ridonculous,
  • i love bags and purses, so i collect them, but i rarely use any but my main two,
  • i love doing things for other people and not focusing on myself, but sometimes i wish others would focus on me,
that is all for now, i think

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