Tuesday, 1 March 2011

dinner review

i had an amazing dinner tonight for my 21st birthday with my family.
it was a surprise for me until we got there, at C restaurant in the city.
it had an amazing view and the food i had was amazing!
it was the first time i have ever gone out to dinner with family and had more than one course!
but this time we had 3 courses each!
om nom nom
for entree i had sundried tomato and spinach gnocchi with a cream sauce and it was amazing!

main was a crumbed chicken breast with chorizo and veg, i'm not sure what the sauce was on it, but together it was scrumptious!

dessert, yummmm, i chose a soft raspberry centred chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream, the cake was to-die-for!
so rich and delicious!

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