Sunday, 20 February 2011

my classroom rules

i have spent the better part of the day hanging with my friend katelyn creating what will soon be the best learning tool for early childhood classrooms EVER!
we have an assignment due on tuesday for uni and we are creating an interactive boardgame for it!
and guess what!
it's called my classroom rules!
super classic pun on the silly tv show my kitchen rules...
i have only watched like 10 mins of the show, so i really shouldn't judge it...

anyway, there is a little kids party happening next door at the moment and distracting me!
(along with blogs) but i am also wondering if i could take the board game over there and test it out :P
unfortunately i do not actually know our neighbours.
they moved in on australia day and they don't seem to leave the house or make any noise (except for right now).
it's like they aren't there...

but i should really stop complaining and get back to one of the most amazing assignment ever!

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