Sunday, 27 February 2011

the birthday

it's tomorrow,
one day left until i'm 21...
i have a few people coming tonight for some fun,
nothing big.
i'm not one for the big party.
it gets too loud and uncomfortable.
but i have been cooking all of today.
so far i've made 60 cupcakes.
the first 20 were complete duds,
not sure why,
but the next 2 batches worked well :)
then i made (with the help of mumsy) spinach and feta triangles.
just got to cut up veggies now.
and then ice the cupcakes.
and make myself pretty.
which may take forever...
but i have only allotted an hour for showering, hair and make-up
i'm not a big make-up person...
so this could be interesting.

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