Tuesday, 3 May 2011


so now,
a little rant about boys,
cos they can be absolute idiots at times!
i recently had an encounter with an ex boyfriend of mine...
and he is also one of my best guy friends,
which made it even more of a what-the moment...
but even though i love him as a friend to infinity and beyond,
he is a massive dick as a boyfriend/male interest!
as with many guys i have encountered,
he only ever thinks about what he wants from a relationship, be it serious or for one night only!
he is obviously just out for someone to pass the time with,
and i really did know this from the beginning,
but i hadn't really spent much time thinking it through
and i guess i'm just so sick of being single, that i couldn't help but start to think about relationships
which was idiotic of me.
because nothing was ever going to come of it.
so now i am mad at him,
one of my very best guy friends,
for something that i made up in my head!
because i always knew what he wanted from things

so is it really all my fault?


ClaireLouise said...

Hell No. Just putting in my opinion :)

spacey said...

thanks :)