Sunday, 26 June 2011

my resolutions

i have realised that there has been no update on how my new years resolutions have been going,

1. i unfortunately gained 5 kilos since new years, but in the last 2 months i have lost almost 10 :)
leaving me with another 15/17 to lose
2. i did briefly get back into swimming, but training just doesn't seem to fit in, so i will attempt to do ~3 hours exercise per week, be it walking, a gym class with tess or a swim on my own.
3. i have already failed at least one unit this semester, so that resolution has no way of being saved :(
4. i got given more than the amount i wanted to save, for my birthday, so i cheated. plus, i have spent $2000 on my end of year holiday, plus spending moneys, so i really am going to struggle to save it on my own...
because i really don't earn anywhere near enough to save that much!
so new goal = save $2000!
i will try and do weekly updates, to keep me on track!
lets hope i can acheive these new and improved goals

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