Friday, 22 July 2011

the horn of africa

the horn of africa is currently struggling with the the worst drought in decades, which is causing massive famine and starvation!
i feel so useless sitting on my computer in perth, my house and comforts around me.
but every single dollar we spend to help these people will go a long way!
so here is a suggestion,
for the next week (or however long you choose) donate all of the money you would normally spend on food, to the poor people in the horn of africa.
instead of buying food, use up all of the things that are sitting around your house?
half used packets of rice?
frozen meat of meals?
tinned foods?
use them up, and donate to the 10 million or so starving children in africa
and tell everyone you know to help out as well!
here is the link to unicef

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