Wednesday, 31 August 2011

an apology

i am very sorry for my absense, and any awful spelling and grammer mistakes i make today.
i have been working my arse of whith uni assignments,
and as such my brain is fried and my hands are dead!
but i will write to you with the last of my energy!
i spent my weekend thinking up 170 or so activity ideas for my creating learning environments unit,
only to find out after i had sumbitted it, that becuase my tutor had explained it incorrectly, half of the students in the unit, including myself, had completed the assignment incorrectly!
but i am hoping, that since it is the majority of students who completed the assignment my way, maybe they will allow us to pass with what we finished,
or at least allow us to re-submit the assignment giving us a chance to re-gig the incorrect parts.
and the worst part was that the correct way to complete the assignment was a LOT easier than what i actually did!
stupid assignments are going to be the death of me.
and then there was the health test that i had on monday, which was on everything covered in my health and physical education unit so far this semester...
but the lecturer gave us no clues to what in particular we had to study, so i ended up writing out 4 and a half pages of notes!
and the end of semester exam wont even be covering the health component of the course, so i don't need any of the pages again!
and i have also been slaving away over my religion assignment, which is all about creating a plan for a home centre/dramatic play area, to teach pre-primary students about how jesus had a family and was like them...
i have the compulsory hand-out completed, and just need to print off 20 or so for my classmates. now to organise props and the like to take into class for my presentation.
and then there is the fact that my brain wants to explode due to over use!
so i really just want to take a day off,
but i have promised myself, after a weekend of major stress and assignment doing,
that i will not be leaving assignments to the last few days.
therefore, i am attempting to get started on those that i understand.
so back to the study i go!

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