Saturday, 6 August 2011

just realised

that i barely write on here anymore...
so i am going to try and make an effort to remind myself to write :P
in other words, i will attempt to, but it is somewhat unlikely.

so, what have i been doing?
first week back at uni = DONE!
i am dreading week six because that marks the start of the pe component of one of my units...
and i am really not fit enough to be running around in front of people!
other than that unit i am hoping that i will manage to sail through my other units!
i was also reminded of the awesomeness of notre dame this week,
with many many many random bumping intos!
seriously, i know that perth is tiny,
but if i keep bumping into everyone i know on my way to classes i am always going to be running late!

another note,
i went to a school friend's 21st last night,
and his speech givers had an excellent idea.
they made their speech into a youtube videa,
so i will post it for your enjoyment...
although it might not be as funny if you don't know him...

ok, there is a fair wad of text,
so i will leave you be for now :)

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