Tuesday, 16 August 2011

my name is khan

i watched this movie a week or so ago, but i really wanted to do a bit of a write upof it!
it is seriously amazing!
and so heart breaking!
i honestly spent half of the movie crying, but i would watch it again without a doubt!
it follows the life of a muslim boy born with asperger's syndrome (high functioning autism) as he grows under the care of his mother,
and then when he is older, creating a life for himself in america,
the later scenes are all set in the years after the september eleventh attacks and shows the struggle that the muslims and hindus faced with stereotyping and hate.
it was a very touching movie, and unlike many movies where the main character has a disability, the dialogue and acting was easy to follow and well portrayed!
i seriously hope that if you watch this movie you will enjoy it,
because otherwise i will look like a massive fool,
but it really was amazing!


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