Thursday, 11 August 2011


i do love thursday,
not only because it signals the begining of my weekend,
but also because i don't need to get out of bed at 6:15am!
which makes a lovely change to the first 3 days of the week!
but i really can't complain, my uni timetable is rather good this semester!
this weekend was set to be rather busy,
until my sunday even got cancelled!
which i am majorly disappointed in,
because it was going to be a chance to hang out with all of my favourite eddie rice vollies and kiddies,
and best of all it was learning how to surf!
but hopefully i will be available to go when they reschedule it for later in the year!
i have 2 days of work again this weekend,
so hopefully my bank accounts will soon be blossoming!
on top of that i have a quiz night, and a 21st!
so, many social activities for your local recluse!
other than this i have really not been up to much!
i went shopping yesterday and bought many cheap shirts to keep me warm,
and i have been eating my favourite pasta!
om nom nom,
there is actually nothing better than pasta!
unless you are eating it along with a side of onion rings from jus burgers...
but now i am just talking about food too much!
i really don't spend al of my time eating!

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