Tuesday, 6 September 2011

just another day at uni

I had a super fun at uni today,
I got up nice and early,
Walked to the train station and got to uni for 9am...
Waited around for half an hour,
Then we found a sign on the door saying today's lecture had been cancelled!
And then when we went to the library,
We looked online and there was an email saying that due to unforeseen circumstances the lecture was cancelled.
But the email had been sent at 8:55am,
Which was when I was already on the train!
And there was nothing on blackboard about what was happening...
And then, another hour later, I got an email saying that my tutorial was also cancelled!
Which meant that I had nothing to do until 12:30!
Which is so so so very annoying!
So then, I was at uni for three and a half hours for one hour of tutorial!
I would have just gone home,
But I had a presentation,
Which meant that I HAD to stay :(

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