Saturday, 10 September 2011

when i was cleaning my room...

i did a massive clean out of my room the other week,
and i found some fun things that i haven't seen since i was in high school!
including a bunch of plane letters that i got when i went on the french study tour in 2006.
one particular envelop had 2 letters from my at-the-time boyfriend...
i used to think that they were clingy and obsessive,
but i don't know,
when i was reading them they are fairly mushy,
but also very amusing to read!
all about me being his world,
and how i should look at the moon and we would be together in spirit.
which is really cute,
in that high school romance kind of way!
maybe it is just that i have been single for an epically long time?
probably the only reason that i could look at these letter with some sort of positivity?
i don't know,
but they were entertaining when i re-read them for the first time!

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