Friday, 9 September 2011

late night postings

i am up at 11:41 on a friday night...
but not cos i have been out partying,
unfortunately i have been struggling on assignments and waiting for my sister to finish work!
which sucks!
i wish i was tired,
then i could at least try to sleep!
or someone to talk to for hours on the phone!
my mobile has been almost dead these past few days!
it is rather upsetting,
i used to be pushing or exceeding my $450 cap plan,
and that was every single month,
and now i am lucky if i send 50 messages per month!
quite sad, i know!
on a happier note,
i got my tax return cheque in the mail :D
i had thought i would need to pay somewhere around $600,
but because of the fact that i can now claim for study expenses due to my youth allowance,
i ended up finding a cheque with $658 all for me!
i put it into the bank today,
so hopefully the actual money will appear in my account sometime next week :D
i love good surprises,
without that awful build up of anticipation.
i cannot stand anticipation, or suspense.
i like to be in control of all things surrounding me!
which i am not, when i am surprised...
i hear my uni work calling,
or maybe that was the next episode of ncis saying my name?

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