Thursday, 8 September 2011

a sign of the times

i got a letter in the mail the other day,
like a real hand written letter!
it was ulitmately lovely :)
i am sent letter so rarely,
it is really quite sad that every one has become to technologically dependant,
if we're not sending a text or calling people,
then we are emailing or facebooking them...
it is all about the instant gratification that comes from knowing that someone can answer you straight away,
and not having to wait days for an answer!
i would seriously love a pen pal,
on the other side of the world,
someone that i can write to weekly,
updating on my strange little day-to-day happenings,
and that amazing feeling of anticipatio when you hear the postman delivering the letters!
it is truly an amazing feeling,
knowing that somewhere out in that great postal service is a hand-written letter,
that someone has put time and effort into preparing!
but how do you meet people on the other side of the world to begin writing letters to?

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