Thursday, 17 November 2011

3 down

I have completed three out of five of my exams,
Which is a nice feeling,
It is also very exciting that this time next week I will be in Tasmania :D

So my life is coming together for a bit,
Sort of,
I am trying to,
I am still waiting for Charlie to text me and find out if our friendship has survived at all,
But I will text him next Wednesday if I haven't heard from him,
And if he doesn't reply,
I will just have a fantastic holiday and forget him!
Which should hopefully be not too hard,
Maybe I will meet a lovely lad on my tour?
Anyone know someone going on a top deck tour in Tasmania next week?
If yes, then give me a yelp,
Because I would love to hear about them!
I am very impressed with my one dedicated follower that replied to my call for comments,
If someone else wants to leave a comment, that would be fantastical!
I am seriously scared at the amount of traffic that my blog has been getting,
Most have been coming from stumbleupon,
Which is a pretty cool website,
So, I guess I have them to thank?
Not sure who thought my blog was cool enough to recommend,
But cool for you,
Anyway, I should do some more study!

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