Wednesday, 16 November 2011

an update

i think it is probably about time for me to give you all an update of my life,
aside from the depressing boys part...
i did promise to give regular updates about my resolutions,
but i have failed, so i will give you an update now and hope that i will be forgiven.
i have managed to lose 23 kilos since the middle of august,
so i am massively stoked :D

i still have a few kilos to lose before i can say i am at a happy weight,
but i am moving in the right direction!
my saving is also going well, but only because i sold my car...
so that boosted my bank account.
as for my grades, i am currently in the middle of exams,
and my blog updates are more frequent than ever,
what does that tell you!
haha, well, i think i have done reasonably well this semester.

lastly, i leave on my fantastic tasmanian adventure thursday next week, which is starting to freak me out.
i have never travelled on my own before,
and i am going to have to make some good friends fast!
freak out!
hopefully i can put my social butterfly wings on for the trip :)


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